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Complete blog redesign and the things barely a week old! this morning I received the devastating news that I had the same blog design as Rosie O’Donnell.

Nothing against Rosie, mind you! She is fine with me with the gun control and the kid adopting and the lesbiening and all.

But seriously, now, don’t you think I need something a little more unique? Me too.

This design is from Eris Designs (see button at right) and their super duper template generator. Its called “My Favorite Scarf”. Rosie, if you are reading this, you pick another one ok? Lets be unique and special snowflakes together.

My Friend’s Friend


orange dahlia
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Our family friend (lets call him “Damon”) made a new friend (let’s call her “Priya”) and this weekend past they stopped by. I was so nervous to meet her (I’m really good at meeting people but still get twitchy when I care if they like me - and I was because I did).

So she came over…



She was GREAT! Pretty and smart and fun and funny and girly and calm and wonderful with the kids and had a beautiful smile and a lovely laugh and she’s not stingy about using them! Even though she was sleepy and just wanted a nap she made excellent small talk and I thought the world of her.

I can’t wait until we can all get together again.

/end gush

In other news I ate too much chocolate tonight.

A deadly swarm of Monarch Butterflies has invaded Los Angeles


a butterfly…a wild butterfly
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If you live in LA you have seen them, or maybe one landed on you while you were coming out of your botox appointment or one might have crawled cutely between your implants while you lunched on the westside. Most of us chose to smack into them with our SUVs on the 101, 10 or 405 freeways.

stupid butterflies.

In other news, I took Hellcat and Jellyface to the zoo today. All the animals were sitting around doing nothing. there was one deer-type-thing with very long horns that stood there for a sec before he laid down - that was the highlight. Even the chimps just sat there staring. Did you know that poking the animals with a stick to get them to entertain your kids is not allowed? ITS TRUE! Also no straws. that is probably to keep the animals from doing any emergency tracheotomy on each other.

Speaking of emergency tracheotomies, never choke in front of my parents. They did their EMT training a really long time ago and have been waiting over 30 years to hook someone up with a trache. You will barely give the universal sign of choking and my mom will be taking apart a ball-point pen and my dad will be sterilizing his pocket knife with his lighter. Heimlich-schmeimlich!

You know what is so good? chocolate covered pretzels.

Hello World


I wanted a blog (or as I like to call it bdiary) for a long time. now i have one. lucky me! lucky you too. lucky us one and all!

time for a cocktail. and a snack. and a nap.

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