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Back to Normal (in facty-ality)


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Remember last post when I was feeling a bit off? I felt like the PTA ladies were talking behind my back and my poker game suddenly went south - and by south I mean my bankroll suddenly went from 90 bucks down to 12, yes, twelve bucks!

But guess what? I made it all back plus some. And the PTA ladies - they were talking about someone else. Rock!

The pic above is me (red hair, glasses) playing poker at the IHG the other night - scroll down if you want the low-down on that very fun night.

In other news, the blue jay that lived in our lemon tree out from got ripped up by a cat or mountain lion. Why this is sad, besides the fact that vegetarian fhwrdh had to pick the little corpse up with a garbage bag is that this was a cool little blue jay that came back every spring to build a nest in the lemon tree and lay eggs. It used to hop around the yard and look in our windows at us. When the kids would get too close to the lemon tree it would chase them away.

Goodbye scrappy little blue jay.

PS Cats suck

One of Those Days


Blue Sunshine Day
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Ever have one of those days?

Back up, because one thing you need to know about me is that I have a naturally positive outlook on everything. I am so good at looking on the bright side, I have been asked to be a spokesmodel for the bright side and do infomercials. I am so sunny, people riding the bus with me have been literally blinded looking into my chromosphere. its true.

so the last couple of days something strange has been happening. First, my awesome and well documented skills at poker (I beat my mom, I beat my dad and I almost beat fhwrdh) have completely left me. All of a sudden I cant win a hand - even if I get A-Q!

Also, I have this weird feeling that I’m doing everything wrong. Like maybe thinking that I forgot something at home while I’m on my way somewhere. Or I am flaking on someone somewhere that I don’t know. Or the PTA moms are just being nice to my face but talk shit behind my back.

One of those days.

But it is Friday. That’s pretty cool. And Uchenna and Joyce won The Amazing Race - that rocked. And I did get that cool PTA award for my volunteering on Thursday. And my kids are cute. And fhwrdh is a good guy.

And poker is still fun even if I suck at it.

This message brought to you by The Bright Side. The optimist’s friend since 1902.

Happy Moms Day


Happy Moms Day
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My awsome skills at poker have been well documented here on this blog; I beat my mom, I beat my dad and I almost beat fhwrdh.

But did you listen? No, sir, you did not. So you had to pay. MWA HA AHA HA

The Game
Here’s how the night went down: I finally got a babysitter and made it to lkim’s infamous home game. As I slid my copy of Harrington on Hold Em into my bag I blinked my eyes real big like a frightened little deer and said “Now you boys might have to remind me of the betting and rules.”

I was seated at table 1 seat 1 (out of 3 tables and 24 seats), fhwrdh was way across the room at table 3. This would have been fine if my whole “*blink* *blink* I don’t know much about poker *blink* routine hadn’t been sabotaged when fhwrdh called to me “facty, how ya doin?” and I replied - “bout even - stole the blinds once but thats it” oops!

The Boat
So I sit and I fold and I wait for the cards to come and I wait and I wait and the folding feels like its never going to stop when all of a sudden KQo. Best cards I’ve seen all afternoon. I raise. “Last hand before the break!” lkim announces. One caller. Here comes the flop: K Q K. Hey, I think to myself, I bet that’s the nuts right there. so I check. Other player min bets. I call. The turn is a 6 I check and call another min bet. River is a 10. I check again and the other player goes all in. I call - he shows an Ace high straight - I was so excited that I SLAPPED my cards down on the table. (I really am not the type of person who rubs peoples nose in their defeat but I was stoked). A loud whoop went out through the room and shouts of “How ya like my boat, BITCH” went up as I doubled up to assume my rightful place as Your Chip Leader. It was pretty awesome.

During the break I called home to my beautiful babysitter to ask her if she could stay a little later than planned - after a little convincing she said yes (thank you thank you Miss!).

The Hammer
I only remember 2 other hands that night. Number one where I was delt The Hammer so I raised (fhwrdh said that if I want to be a real poker blogger I have to raise, win and show The Hammer). I bet super aggressively and pushed the stand up comic next to me off his small pair. I flashed my hand to pokergeek and I think he was proud of me… or was that terror in his eyes?

The other hand I remember is my last - it was just after the Editor suggested we chop because we were down to 1st, 2nd and 3rd and I needed to get back to the kids. We ended up playing more and the next hand was the end for me. It wasn’t a bad beat, and I didn’t feel like I made an error - I had KTc and I called an all in thinking BC next to me probably had a small pair. He did - 7s and we flopped turned and rivered and they held up. I was crippled. I took 3rd and kept my own bounty (5 bucks) and was happy with how it all went.

I had a great time, got to play my awesome poker and met some great people. lkim is the best host ever.

But wait! The night’s not over!

We got home and our kids and lovely babysitter had baked the brownies pictured above. See now? That’s the real reason you shouldn’t play cards with me… because I am the luckiest mom in the world.



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I am falling behind on my television viewing due to my awesome power at online poker (I am missing Lost right this minute but how can I leave when I’m up 6 bucks?) Anyway, I was just thinking that one show that I love is Medium. It stars Patricia Arquette, who I love for the fact that she has a normal womans body - she looks like a real person plus her teeth are cool like David Bowie. It also has some other cast members who are really good.

The thing that really draws me back every week though is the opening credit montage. Even if you aren’t a TV watcher I encourage you to tune in for the title sequence. They start with a Rorschach test looking kaleidoscope with some other images sprinkled here and there and the music accentuates the eeriness. The way they set the tome for the show in such an artful way is very Saul Bass - and yet a teeny bit 1975 Monday night mystery.

I just want to warn you though, there is one thing about the show that may be off-putting to some (yet thrilling to others) is that the husband walks around in boxer shorts and a t-shirt a lot - which is fine mind you, he is good looking but…but… you can totally see the outline of his weiner. Its a little distracting.


So what else is new - Hellcat is better with the double ear infection and strep and pink eye.

I had to go get a crown on my tooth. Let me tell you something. Crowns belong on Princess heads not teeth.

Hey Nerd!


Flickr Peep Show
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Enjoy your new hobby.

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