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Factgirl Special Edition Double Post:


Hey factual friends, Its me, Facty! I’m here to make sure you have the best Halloween ever with a double post extravaganza. First, I will tell you what to be for halloween. Then I will give you some important halloween safety tips. That is a lot to cover, so lets get cracking.

What You Should be for Halloween


Tom Cruise - Wear a leather jacket and jump over the couch when you arrive anywhere. Be short if possible.

Tom Sizemore - Hit on everyone.

Tom Hanks - get some fake oscars and be nice to everyone.

Tom Mix - mix a store bought dead zombie costume with a singing cowboy costume.

John Gulagher - Self depricate. Be awkward. kick ass.

Thats all I can really think of but that’ll get you started.


Kate Hudson - wear your hair down and a bohemian dress.

Kate Moss - carry a pic of Johnny Depp and a mirror with a line of sand glued to it.

Kate Winslet - oo this one is good cause you can go titanic or Eternal Sunshine!

Katie Holmes - put a fake coldsore on your top and Bottom lip. Carry a Scientology book and pretend you have morning sickness.

Facty the blogger - talk about how awesome you are all the time. ask people if they read your blog. never shut up about poker. wear a tiara for no reason.

Important Halloween Safety Tips

1. Don’t eat Tainted Candy:

-candy corn
-Dr Pepper flavor Jelly Bellys
-Idaho Spud Candy Bars

2. Be careful of strangers and cars and whatnot.

Well, that about does it. Have a great Halloween!

Dear Bill Rini


This one time I was hanging out with my sister and I was all “Hey, you know whats fun? Poker” and she was all “you loser.”

And that got me to thinking. What if you could fuse all the fun of poker with another of my favorite pastimes - drinking!

So I got myself right on the internet to send out the word that I had invented the awesomest way to have fun in the world. It was one of the best 40 seconds of my whole life. Turns out the poker bloggers have been drinking and pokering for years.

Well, back to the drawing board I guess.


PS Guess what? I am coming to the WPBT Winter Classic
PPS I’m bringing fhwrdh
PPPS I’m leavin the kids with Grandma! (Thanks Mom, you’re the nuts!)



While the college kids and husbands are out putting bad beats on the poker world, the ladies are dropping the kids off at school, gathering at whoever’s maid most recently visited, mixing mojitos, and playing Bunco.

Bunco in the house y’all.

Here’s the thing. Bunco is a dice game. You have 3 dice. The dice get rolled and passed around and the girls talk the girl talk. We all buy in for 10 bucks and, as I see it, that is the price of hangin with your friends, eating potluck fritata and screaming Bunco! at the top of your lungs every once in a while. Did I mention there is a bell?

One thing Bunco is not is a +ev game. you can be the skilledest dice roller in the world and lose at bunco. You can shout BUNCO the loudest of anyone you know and lose at bunco. You can have a $5000 boob job and still lose at bunco (but at least you’ll have nice boobs). What I’m getting at is that I must find a way…


some way…

to teach these ladies poker.


I am way more all in than you…

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