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You dont say it how you think you say it.


Today came lessons 2, 3 and 4 of Irish culture 101 and here they are for you:

1. (just in case you missed yesterday’s post) The Irish are quiet. fhwrdh observed that it is as if the entire country is playing golf and speaking in low voices waiting for someone to make a putt.

2. The peas are different here. Peas in the USA are tiny sweet little bright green babies that pop a little when you bite into them. Irish peas are bigger and less sweet with no pop and a slight mealy-creamy consistency. Closer to garbanzos. I am in love!

Dear Irish Peas,
Lets run off and get married!

3. It is not pronounced how you think its pronounced. Tanney is really Taynee. Dun Laoghaire is Dun Leery. Ranelagh is Ranahla. Better just point to the map until you are sure you are saying it right. Also Gaelic lessons seem like they would be helpful.

4. For as quiet as the people here are, they love to talk; and as much as they love to talk, they love to listen. Everyone we’ve encountered seems to enjoy conversation and will stop their day for a bit of talk. They are excellent conversaionalists, making warm eye contact and listening with interest. I am charmed.

Tonight we are heading out to Temple Bar (its named after a guy named Temple, and its not a bar, its a street with shopping and galleries.)

In other news, the PTA had their installation luncheon yesterday and they all found out who their secret pals are - that is everyone did except me! Give it up PTA Ladies - who is it?

You owe me an Ice Cream!


On the way to the hotel from the airport the shuttle driver leaned his head out the window. ‘YOU OWE ME AN ICE CREAM!” he shouted at a passing plumbers truck. I can see why he wanted to call that marker in - Dublin is in the middle of a pre-summer heat wave that the locals are greatly enjoying. I, however, am so disappointed that the gray-green Eire that I’ve seen on the travel channel is just as hot and muggy as Los Angeles.

Oh, yeah, by the way, I’m blogging from Ireland this week. I haven’t been able to write much lately, over the past month we have had landscapers trapesing through the house, renovated the kitchen and I am trying to shepherd my children through the final weeks of First and Third Grades. We landed at 11AM which my body is screaming is really 3AM. Im jetlagged and further from my children than I’ve ever been before, but so excited and happy to see Europe for the first time.

Before you jump to the conclusion that I have run off with the newly available and ever sexy Joe Speaker, rest assured that I am here with the long committed (to me) and ever sexy (to me) fhwrdh. Speaker is way down south , I assume hopelessly entangled in cards, whiskey, and lasses. Pure coincidence is what happened to bring no less than three Los Angeles bloggers to Ireland at once.

After our plane landed and we checked in to our hotel, fhwrdh and I took a 2 hour nap. When we woke up we decided to take a walk. This is when we discovered one of those personality differences between us that might render another marriage asunder, but keeps ours balanced in a yin/yang kinda way.
“Where are we going?” fhwrh asked.
“Well, that fella over there - he recommended going right, then going straight.”
“Where will that take us?”
“I don’t know. Lets go get lost!”

FH was dubious but once we got moving he realized that he knew the layout of the city pretty well. He pointed out the River Liffey, St. Stephens Green, and Grafton Street. I thanked my lucky stars that he had poured over guidebook after guidebook. I have my own personal tour guide.

It is now 9PM. before I head to the bar for a nightcap, a quick first impression of Dublin. It is the quietest city I have ever been to. No horns honking, shouting - even the bustling crowd at Grafton was a low murmur compared to Third Street Promenade. If Ireland is the Nation of Welcomes, Dublin is the City of Whispers.

More tomorrow - maybe even some poker!

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