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If you are in the South…


Hey y’all!

Heads up if you are anywhere near Greenville, South Carolina. My friends Susan and Dave started a new restaurant there in July called American Grocery Restaurant.

They were just named Best New Restaurant in Greenville and featured in on the cover of Link Magazine for Southern Exposure (that’s pastry chef Susan - can you tell she is a former model and ballerina?)

Anyway, check out the link above and if you are close give them a try. They are wonderful chefs and amazing people.

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Play Winning Bubbly Poker


If you want to play winning alcohol poker you have to watch the master: Kobe Bryant.

Kobe was with his special lady (his wife in this case) at the opening of Blush Nightclub in Las Vegas. He heard Antonio Esfandiari order two bottle of Christal, and wasn’t going to let that go… he ordered five bottles.

AS is no slouch - he raised Kobe TEN bottles! Kobe re-raised FIFTEEN bottles and AE folded.

The best part? Kobe paid the $21,000 tab and left before one bottle was delivered!

via TMZ

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First Day of School!


Yep first day of school - don’t they look like nice little children?

They are tricking you! Their rooms are a mess and they are up to no good!


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Who Likes to Rock the Party?


I like to rock the party!

In the post below you will find my recap of our year in Ireland - but here’s what’s coming up for us:

Poker goal: to stop making sucky calls. It is one donkey call that puts me out of every single tourney I enter. I take full responsibility. Also this elf that sits next to me who chants “you have him so beat!” over and over.

Parenting goal: to teach my kids how to ride bikes without training wheels. Sub-goal: buy kids bikes.

Personal goal: Go back to school - I enrolled in two archeology classes at University College Dublin. wish me luck!

Travel goal: Spain, Southern France, Italian Coast, Scotland, Sweden, whatever opportunity comes up.

Party goal: rock party (as usual)

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