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Mid- St. Patricks Day Update


Dublin is alight with color (or colour)  and merriment and tourists.

We dove into the city yesterday morning for the big city-wide scavenger hunt sponsored by Denny Sausages. Denny is the biggest brand in Ireland and even appears in James Joyce’s Ulysses. As a girl reared on Oscar Meyer Turkeydogs, I cant get used to the texture of the Denny Pork sausage, but if they want to sponsor a scavenger hunt, I’m all over it.

Right away we saw teams of people with their scavenger packs, many in crazy costumes, running to and fro, and getting quite soaked. Did I mention it POURED yesterday? No? Well my friends, it POURED yesterday.

Just a note about the weather in Ireland: the Emerald Isle is famous for being a rainy wet bog of peat moss. Though it does rain here, and, unlike Los Angeles, there are four distinct seasons, I have found it rare for it to rain all day long. My husband likes to say we get all four seasons every day.

Of course, yesterday, it  rained all day long. We looked at the locations the hunt was going to take us to and quickly decided that winning all that great Denny Sausage merchandise wasn’t worth getting soaked and tired for. We stuffed the papers into fhwrdh’s backpack and tried to find some lunch.

Tonight we have a babysitter and are going back into town for fine dining. Or, as I like to call it, foin doining.

St Patrick’s Day Weekend


Happy St Pat’s to you and yours. As you might have heard, the day is kind of a big deal around here, as Ireland is one of only two nations that have the day as an official holiday. Thats right, all people who live in other countries besides Ireland and Montserrat, we get the day off Monday! How ya like them potatoes!

Last year we spent St Patrick’s Day in Venice, Italy. We would have stayed in Dublin, but the trip was to make up for the time my back went and the Brimleys had to take me to the hospital. They made us miss our flight! So we had to go on the next holiday weekend - St P’s.

Not this year! My back may be killing me, but we are doing St. Patrick’s Day right. First, Saturday morning we are heading over to register for the Denny Treasure Hunt. I expect our team, Potato Fiesta to do very well, with the logic skills of fhwrdh, the reasoning prowess of Birdy, and the crazy fun-bringing of Jelly.

Sunday is a family day out with a fun fair and all, then Monday is the Parade! Yippee! I will be sure to critique all the floats and marching bands for you.

Have a great holiday!


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