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Radiohead: June 7, 2008 Dublin Ireland


 Dear Security,

Why even bother? I could have smuggled a bomb full of cocaine snakes in my bag with the check you did. Just let us the hell in.

Your pal,



Dear Bat for Lashes,

You guys did a very great job as an opening act. Your lead singer girl is very pretty and charismatic and sounds a lot like Bjork; a little too much for Fhwrdh, but he still liked you ok. I particularly liked your stage costumes. You just may bring the poncho/smock (smoncho?) into fashion.

The part of your show I liked the very best was when you started playing the big drum and the tamborines.  At first I was a little upset because it sounded like you were going to play Venus in Furs, but you didn’t. Then Jose and Fhwrdh started singing Baby’s got Back to the beat and I just about laughed my head off.

Thanks for being a sweet opening act.



Dear Guy who used the Port-O-John before me,

I am going to call you Drippy O’Splashy. Did you even get any pee IN the toilet?

Stay gold,



Dear Radiohead,

You made 2008 the best year of the decade. In fact, your show was so good, it improved the entire aughties!

The train to Malahide  took about an hour, and looking around at our concert-commuter-mates Fhwrdh and I were a little worried about the Dublin crowd. Were they going just for the outdoor summer festival venue? Would they just be screwing around, talking loudly on their mobiles, holding their stupid girlfriends on their drunken shoulders, pissing and throwing up in inappropriate places?

I needn’t  have worried. Not a bit.  The summer crowd was in a great mood.  There were smiles and thanks and pardons.  Cameras were held up for a photo and put down again so no one was blocked for the whole show. Dancing drunk guy next to us didn’t pick a fight with anyone. Everyone moved to the music, not like in LA where everyone folds their arms and dares the band to make their head bob to the beat. These people were glad to be there, singing along, dancing.

From the opening song, 15 Minutes, I had goosebumps. I was amazed at how great the sound was. Not just the musical-melody parts, but the SOUNDS that make a Radiohead song so multi-layered and interesting.  I could have enjoyed the entire show with my eyes closed.

I am glad I didn’t close my eyes though, because the stage setup was so amazing. Little cameras set around the stage gave a close up view of each of you on the giant screens behind and on either side of the stage. Thom never forgot that he was performing, and his performance was riveting. I felt like the entire band loves the music as much as the fans do, which I think is especially wonderful after so many years playing.

Thank you for playing my favorite, The Pyramid Song. I was so happy when you started it. With so much material to choose from, you could have played just as long a show without it, or National Anthem, or Everything in Its Right Place. I wouldn’t have even minded - the newer material is so great. But thank you for playing some old songs too.

You would have been really proud of  some people in the crowd. There was of course Coco, who was at her 100th show (it was really nice of you to dedicate a song to her) and Drunk Guy next to us, who was a genial and sharing fella, if a little on the staggery/bumpy side; Steve from the USA who came on a whim for his 40th birthday - used to follow The Grateful Dead and now has tethered himself to you; the couple form Denmark Street in London - see I didn’t forget; and finally all the fellas peeing in the forest on the way out. Way to save water!

In closing Radiohead, I would like to share my thanks to you for making my first show in a very long time one of the top three I have ever seen, ever.




Dear Cab Driver from Dublin City to home,

I hope I answered all your questions appropriately. I couldn’t understand a word you said.



Saturday Morning Ramble


I already Twittered this but Fhwrdh and I lucked into Radiohead tickets for tonight and I am beside myself with excitement. I realized this is my first live music show since having kids.

Just for perspective, Jelly is ELEVEN.


The other day Birdy was skipping around singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic. I noticed the words were different and remembered how we used to sing it when I was in grade school.

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the burning of the school. We have tied up all the teachers and we’ve broken every rule.

My goodness if you sang that today you would be brought up on terror charges! Anyway, I asked, “What are you singing?”

“The ManU fight song!”

Note: Manchester United is a very famous soccer team from England. Not only does my precious little baby not know she is singing an American Civil War tune, she is supporting ManU? Even when they aren’t playing Chelsea? Ugh.


Birdy has a new little post up over at her little nest. This one she typed all by herself! Yay!

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Here we go!


Oh wow it’s been a long time. Sorry for that but no excuses here. I blogs when I feels like it.

So much is going one this might ramble a bit. Firstly I will hit the poker update because I know that where my bread and butter and marshmellow is:

Poker. Is. Awesome.

I made a few final tables recently and was itching to blog them. Most notable was the $9,500 guarantee at Full Tilt.  I made the final table and just knew this one was mine. Though there was another great player at the table: Rex55. She is also a blogger so check her out - She is exactly the kind of player/blogger I admire. She has a lot of fun at the tables while wielding a ruthless game. She is cordial and had a LOT of railbirds. She ended up going out third or fourth but I totally thought is was going to be us heads up. My payday for winning the whole mess whas $3,100. Not too shabby!

I am feeling focused and ready to play with the intensity the game deserves. I will try to keep you up to date.

We are about to move again. Not back to the USA, just two miles down the road. While I will miss my view of Dublin Bay, we will save a little scratch and be closer to Fhwrdh’s work.

As I try to get the house ready for landlord inspection, I have used all my housewifely wiles and come up with a list of stuff you need in your house if you have kids:

Dryer Softener Sheets: If you get them wet, they will clean gum out of the dryer better than anything ever invented.

WD40: Not only will it fix the creaky car door, it will get Silly Putty off the carpet.

Ice: Freezes gum so you can scrape it off fine furniture.

A Tupperware Cake Holder: to throw up in.

A Lice Kit: A metal comb and some poison. Buy it now. Trust me. When you find your child has head lice will be Sunday at midnight.

Secret Chocolate: Hidden somewhere the children will never find it. For PMS.

Thats all I can think of now. Watch my Twitter feed for more.

I wish we were heading off to Vegas to be with the rest of you crazy bloggers. We will miss you way more that you miss us I’m sure! For my birthday/our anniversary (14 years!) coming up, Fhwrdh is taking me on a trip to… somewhere. No idea where we are going, though Fhwrdh keeps joking that we are going to Port Laois (where the National Prison is located). I am hoping against hope that wherever we end up is more romantic than prison.

That’s it for now - but I promise now that I can log in I will post and post and post. Unless I cant find my PMS chocolate.



Wordpress let me in again - joy! I will make the best blogpost ever!


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