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Hey readers! August was such a fun and busy month. We did some traveling and eating and exercising hmmm where to begin….


I bought myself a WiiFit for my birthday but didn’t pick it up until just this month. I. LOVE. IT.

Yes thats right, I all caps love it. At first I was totally offended when I stepped on the WiiBoard and it said I was overweight, I ran dramatically crying to my room where the full length mirror confirmed WiiFit’s opinion. Sure I carry it well, but I will never make it be America’s Next Top Model all jiggling out of my jeans.

So join me, won’t you as I try to lose some weight with my Wii! I will update, as always, when I damn feel like it.


We took the kids to The Netherlands and Belgium. We started in Amsterdam, which shocked one of the friends I told. To some people Amsterdam is a big red light district peppered with pot-sellin-coffee shops, but I have to say, it was one of the best kids cities we have visited. The people are super friendly and seem to never be put out by speaking English (which they all seem to do really well).

We took a fun canal boat cruise, ate pancakes, and visited Nemo, a super-duper kids science museum. The Van Gogh museum was like a greatest hits collection of all the paintings you’ve seen in books. It was exciting being so close and seeing how the paint is layered, making an almost 3D effect. One part of the trip I particularly enjoyed was taking the kids to the Anne Frank house. We read a book about Anne Frank so they understood the story but it really made an impact on them to see how they hid and how quiet the family had to be every minute.

muscles and beer in BrugesIf you ever go to Belgium don’t miss the little town called Bruges. Though the main industry has been tourism for over 100 years, you wont find just souvenir shops and tourist traps. There is a great little brewery called the Halv Maan (Half Moon) and they brew the local nectar, Bruges Zot.We took a tour of the brewery and stayed for lunch and beer. Even the kids tasted a little beer but didn’t like it. Whatever, at least they can always say their first beer was in Belgium!

Brussels was a bit of a disappointment, but mostly because the hop on hop off tour company we bought from the hotel was horrible. Brussels is not so much a tourist city, evidenced by the fact that the main attraction is a fountain of a little boy peeing.

Another of Brussels fine attractions is called Little Europe. You pay 15 euro to walk around little dioramas of famous spots in Europe. At each diorama there is a button to push that plays the nations national anthem… yeah good times.

Thats it for now - I plan on posting a big old write up on Electric Picnic soon - my brain is buzzing and I cant wait to share; but I gotta go have lunch with muh gals! Later potaters!

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