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Snake Free and Lovin’ It!


SSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssssssYep Ireland is snake free thanks to St Patrick. Bear, lizard and decent burrito free too. All you Ireland-haters out there will think of this post one day when you are in California getting eated by a Black Bear. (not a typo. Eated is much much more funner than eaten.)

So, St Patrick’s Day. There are so many solomn traditions associated with this special day, each signifying a part of St Patrick’s life. For instance:

LEGEND: St Patrick was kidnapped from Wales as a boy and sold into slavery in Ireland. TODAY: We watch a parade and drink Guinness.

LEGEND: St Patrick escaped to France aboard a ship carrying Irish Wolfhounds. He paid for his passage by keeping the hounds quiet while on board. TODAY: We avoid dog poop on the sidewalk (seriously, Dublin has nearly as much as Paris) and drink Guinness.

LEGEND: St Patrick became a priest and returned to Ireland. As he camped in Slane, he enraged King Laoghaire by lighting his fire before the king had lit his. He was arrested and when they tried to put out the fire, no one could (because it was so holy and all). TODAY: We thank the Irish government for banning smoking indoors in pubs and restaurants and drink Guinness.

LEGEND: St Patrick showed the Irish the concept of the Holy Trinity by showing them a shamrock. TODAY: We wear green and drink Guinness.

LEGEND: St Patrick stuck his staff into the ground and either a well sprung forth or an ash tree grew. TODAY: We drink Jameson and then drink Guinness.

Well, I hope you found this little lesson in history and tradition edifying. I would like to thank Jelly for his excellent recall of his 4th class St Patrick project last year, and Helly for playing outside and leaving me in peace to write this.

Have a great St Patrick’s Day and remember the most important tradition of all: THE HOLY DESIGNATED DRIVER.


This is What Happens


Wow - so much for writing a little something every day. But I’m not apologizing. First, everyone who blogs she swear off the “sorry I haven’t updated in so long” post. Blog when you can, I have your RSS feed and will be glad to read when you get around to it.

Now for my excuse (even though I’m not apologizing) : you will notice that my last post was way back in September. This coincides with my returning to school at University College Dublin to study the History of European Painting. And study I am. The course is amazing and difficult and rewarding as I dreamed. I have been using every spare moment to study and try to retain what I can for exams.

I really want to start posting regularly again though because I have some exciting stuff coming up that I hope to share here. This year is my 15th wedding anniversary, and two days later my 40th birthday. So how to celebrate? Leave!

I’m taking two weeks to study Modern Painting at Cambridge University. Yes, I will miss my husband and my birthday will be spent in a dorm writing essays, but this felt like a once in a lifetime deal. I have to go and am so lucky to have fhwrdh and kids so willing to send me away….HEEEYyyyyyy….

So instead of celebrating our 15th around my birthday, we are going to make fh’s birthday our fakeiversary. We will go to Bray, England and eat food and look at old castles and stuff.

Our last travel adventure was a weekend in Spain. It was a total last minute trip caused by my long lost sister emailing to tell me she had a timeshare and would we want to come down and meet up for dinner? Four Ryanair tickets later (NEVER AGAIN RYANAIR!) we were in Marbella enjoying sunshine and my sisters cute daughters and seafood paella.

We rented a car and drove up to Madrid with a stop in Toledo, which was full of American students trying (and failing) to read maps. One of the best parts was hot chocolate and churros for breakfast. It wasn’t like American creamy hot chocolate, it was like a bowl of melted chocolate bar. And the churros weren’t like Disneyland, they had no sugar dusting so you dip them in the cocoa. mm mmm

Finally, I changed the blog layout again. The three column layout was too much, and the ads were getting out of control. If you are an advertiser and you are sad because you miss your ad on my blog AND you have a non-obnoxious ad that I don’t hate then email me at factgirl-at-factgirl.com.

So that’s the scoop. I will set a goal for myself for one blogpost per week. As long as I feel like it.

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