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Poker, Papers, and Popcorn



Had a great day at the rainbow magical world of Poker the other day - though it started out crappily. I sat down to play poker after an incident-free session of vacuuming and laundry. My favorite new tourney has been the Deep Stack Knockouts the Full Tilt recently added. Even if you don’t make the $ you can usually out knock a few suckas and at least cover your rake. Anyway, I saw that a $3 90-player SNG was filling up and joined in. Second hand dealt KK, all money in before the flop, A-10 straight fills up on the river and I’m out. I owe you a buck.

Not to be deterred, I see that a $10 90-player SNG is getting ready to start, still within the budget, so I sit. This time AK gets me no love and I am Gigli! AAAAAAAAA

Now, readers, I think you know how hard it is to tilt me, but that day for some reason, I went off. I went back to the lobby and saw a $24 90-player SNG and hit REGISTER. This is definitely NOT in my budget. We’ve all done it, I bet. Either taken a shot or steam-joined a table beyond our bankroll. Usually we get spanked and drop down to where we belong. But sometimes…

…you actually play like the champion you are and it gets rewarded (read: you play solid a little, you get lucky a little, and you make a final table just when you need it). So I came in 3rd, $252. Rock.

Usually after a finish like that you are on such a winner’s high, you join another tourney only to find out you don’t have the stamina for two tournies in a row, or you join and play the first table like it’s the final table and you end up giving back a portion of your proceeds. But I took a break to pick up kids from school and help them with homework and all. THEN I joined another tourney. But I rocked that out out too! It was a little $5 knock out. I ended up knocking out 12 people (at a buck a pop) and then taking fifth for another $109. Good day.


Remember how I voted in the primary election the other day? Well, while I was there a news photographer asked if he could snap my pic while I put my vote into the black box. I said ok even though I didn’t have any make up on - and guess what? I made it into the newspaper! From the Irish Independant:

Extra! Extra!

Here is a close up of that goofy pic:

Me, Voting!

and finally,


I got nothin. Popcorn looked good in the title. I almost used Pickles but didn’t want anyone assuming I was pregnant. Which I am not. I’m done with that noise. Recognize.

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“Poker, Papers, and Popcorn”

  1. On February 10th, 2008 at 1:45 pm gracie Says:

    Popcorn has got to be one of my most favorite and simultaneously most hated of snacks. I love it because it is delicious and you can put so many damn things on it to make it even MORE delicious. I hate it because the kids manage to leave popcorn crumbs EVERYWHERE (in their HAIR?!?) and when the kernel pieces get stuck between your teeth that sucks too. So I’m always carrying dental floss around because you never know when you are going to have a POPCORN EMERGENCY!expeletiveexpletiveexclamationpoint.

    This pointless story brought to you by me, and the letter P.

  2. On February 11th, 2008 at 6:01 pm factgirl Says:

    Gracie, Thank you so much for making this post better by filling out the Popcorn section. You are a good egg!

  3. On February 12th, 2008 at 2:25 pm gracie Says:

    I’m all about taking one for the team when necessary. :)

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