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Oh wow it’s been a long time. Sorry for that but no excuses here. I blogs when I feels like it.

So much is going one this might ramble a bit. Firstly I will hit the poker update because I know that where my bread and butter and marshmellow is:

Poker. Is. Awesome.

I made a few final tables recently and was itching to blog them. Most notable was the $9,500 guarantee at Full Tilt.  I made the final table and just knew this one was mine. Though there was another great player at the table: Rex55. She is also a blogger so check her out - She is exactly the kind of player/blogger I admire. She has a lot of fun at the tables while wielding a ruthless game. She is cordial and had a LOT of railbirds. She ended up going out third or fourth but I totally thought is was going to be us heads up. My payday for winning the whole mess whas $3,100. Not too shabby!

I am feeling focused and ready to play with the intensity the game deserves. I will try to keep you up to date.

We are about to move again. Not back to the USA, just two miles down the road. While I will miss my view of Dublin Bay, we will save a little scratch and be closer to Fhwrdh’s work.

As I try to get the house ready for landlord inspection, I have used all my housewifely wiles and come up with a list of stuff you need in your house if you have kids:

Dryer Softener Sheets: If you get them wet, they will clean gum out of the dryer better than anything ever invented.

WD40: Not only will it fix the creaky car door, it will get Silly Putty off the carpet.

Ice: Freezes gum so you can scrape it off fine furniture.

A Tupperware Cake Holder: to throw up in.

A Lice Kit: A metal comb and some poison. Buy it now. Trust me. When you find your child has head lice will be Sunday at midnight.

Secret Chocolate: Hidden somewhere the children will never find it. For PMS.

Thats all I can think of now. Watch my Twitter feed for more.

I wish we were heading off to Vegas to be with the rest of you crazy bloggers. We will miss you way more that you miss us I’m sure! For my birthday/our anniversary (14 years!) coming up, Fhwrdh is taking me on a trip to… somewhere. No idea where we are going, though Fhwrdh keeps joking that we are going to Port Laois (where the National Prison is located). I am hoping against hope that wherever we end up is more romantic than prison.

That’s it for now - but I promise now that I can log in I will post and post and post. Unless I cant find my PMS chocolate.

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