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Mid- St. Patricks Day Update


Dublin is alight with color (or colour)  and merriment and tourists.

We dove into the city yesterday morning for the big city-wide scavenger hunt sponsored by Denny Sausages. Denny is the biggest brand in Ireland and even appears in James Joyce’s Ulysses. As a girl reared on Oscar Meyer Turkeydogs, I cant get used to the texture of the Denny Pork sausage, but if they want to sponsor a scavenger hunt, I’m all over it.

Right away we saw teams of people with their scavenger packs, many in crazy costumes, running to and fro, and getting quite soaked. Did I mention it POURED yesterday? No? Well my friends, it POURED yesterday.

Just a note about the weather in Ireland: the Emerald Isle is famous for being a rainy wet bog of peat moss. Though it does rain here, and, unlike Los Angeles, there are four distinct seasons, I have found it rare for it to rain all day long. My husband likes to say we get all four seasons every day.

Of course, yesterday, it  rained all day long. We looked at the locations the hunt was going to take us to and quickly decided that winning all that great Denny Sausage merchandise wasn’t worth getting soaked and tired for. We stuffed the papers into fhwrdh’s backpack and tried to find some lunch.

Tonight we have a babysitter and are going back into town for fine dining. Or, as I like to call it, foin doining.

St Patrick’s Day Weekend


Happy St Pat’s to you and yours. As you might have heard, the day is kind of a big deal around here, as Ireland is one of only two nations that have the day as an official holiday. Thats right, all people who live in other countries besides Ireland and Montserrat, we get the day off Monday! How ya like them potatoes!

Last year we spent St Patrick’s Day in Venice, Italy. We would have stayed in Dublin, but the trip was to make up for the time my back went and the Brimleys had to take me to the hospital. They made us miss our flight! So we had to go on the next holiday weekend - St P’s.

Not this year! My back may be killing me, but we are doing St. Patrick’s Day right. First, Saturday morning we are heading over to register for the Denny Treasure Hunt. I expect our team, Potato Fiesta to do very well, with the logic skills of fhwrdh, the reasoning prowess of Birdy, and the crazy fun-bringing of Jelly.

Sunday is a family day out with a fun fair and all, then Monday is the Parade! Yippee! I will be sure to critique all the floats and marching bands for you.

Have a great holiday!


Bodog Online Blogger Tournament


Did you know Bodog runs a Poker Tournament for bloggers? The first series just started! It runs every Tuesday until June 3rd for the final table round.
The winner will take a seat at the WSOP along with a huge prize package.
Thanks Bodog!

Poker, Papers, and Popcorn



Had a great day at the rainbow magical world of Poker the other day - though it started out crappily. I sat down to play poker after an incident-free session of vacuuming and laundry. My favorite new tourney has been the Deep Stack Knockouts the Full Tilt recently added. Even if you don’t make the $ you can usually out knock a few suckas and at least cover your rake. Anyway, I saw that a $3 90-player SNG was filling up and joined in. Second hand dealt KK, all money in before the flop, A-10 straight fills up on the river and I’m out. I owe you a buck.

Not to be deterred, I see that a $10 90-player SNG is getting ready to start, still within the budget, so I sit. This time AK gets me no love and I am Gigli! AAAAAAAAA

Now, readers, I think you know how hard it is to tilt me, but that day for some reason, I went off. I went back to the lobby and saw a $24 90-player SNG and hit REGISTER. This is definitely NOT in my budget. We’ve all done it, I bet. Either taken a shot or steam-joined a table beyond our bankroll. Usually we get spanked and drop down to where we belong. But sometimes…

…you actually play like the champion you are and it gets rewarded (read: you play solid a little, you get lucky a little, and you make a final table just when you need it). So I came in 3rd, $252. Rock.

Usually after a finish like that you are on such a winner’s high, you join another tourney only to find out you don’t have the stamina for two tournies in a row, or you join and play the first table like it’s the final table and you end up giving back a portion of your proceeds. But I took a break to pick up kids from school and help them with homework and all. THEN I joined another tourney. But I rocked that out out too! It was a little $5 knock out. I ended up knocking out 12 people (at a buck a pop) and then taking fifth for another $109. Good day.


Remember how I voted in the primary election the other day? Well, while I was there a news photographer asked if he could snap my pic while I put my vote into the black box. I said ok even though I didn’t have any make up on - and guess what? I made it into the newspaper! From the Irish Independant:

Extra! Extra!

Here is a close up of that goofy pic:

Me, Voting!

and finally,


I got nothin. Popcorn looked good in the title. I almost used Pickles but didn’t want anyone assuming I was pregnant. Which I am not. I’m done with that noise. Recognize.

If I Can Do It, You Can Do It!


What did I do today that you should do too?

VOTE! (obvs this is for those of you who are from the USA)

I voted in the USA primary today, in persona and as Irish tradition dictates, at a pub!

For those of you who are American Expats here are some links:

Democrats Abroad - The Democratic National Convention considers those of us living outside the USA their own state and will get their own delegates. If you are one of the many of us in Ireland, you can vote in person until 10pm tonight at O’Niell’s Pub on Suffolk Street (at the far end of Grafton across from the Dublin Visitor Centre). You don’t have to be registered, just bring your passport and proof of foreign residency.

Republicans Abroad - Republican expats get the shaft from their party. There is an organization, but no delegates are allotted for the primary; consequently, if you wanted to vote in the primary, you had to file an absentee ballot by January 31.

And if you are one of those Ron Paul supporters, I don’t know what to tell ya, shine on, you crazy diamonds! (yes, I am calling you crazy. In the nicest way possible.)

Product Reccomendations


You know I love products and use the nearly every day! From my Biolage hair conditioner to my Oyster Bay Savignon Blanc, I know what is delicious or fabulous or lovely. Well today you are so lucky because I am going to bestow some reccomendations to you! In no order:


Tripit.com - you can forward all your confirmation emails from airlines, hotels, tours and restaurants and they build you a single elegant itinerary. Still in beta but I send you there knowing its good stuff. Try it!

 To Wear:

Secret Platinum Vanilla Chai Scent - OMG I want to eat my armpits! Ew! Mmmmmmmm. Ew! Mmmmmmm.

To Elect:

Barak Obama - You might call him a dangerous hope-monger, I call him a brilliant orator, a classic statesman, and a leader who could make the USA respected again. Plus he’s cute.

To Eat:

Tesco Strawberry Crisp - They are out of it a lot of the time because everyone loves it so much. Thats why I buy 4 boxes at a time.

I still hate Dr Pepper in all its evil forms.

I’m Unleashing the Power of my Blog!



The above blog suggested I unleash the power of my blog and even gave me some ideas to start.

If this blog really did have power I would want to  do so much stuff.  Feed hungry people. Encourage people who deserve it. You know - be a do-gooder!

Why can’t it? Why can’t my blog help someone? I bet it could! Now…who should I help with my blog…

Dang its so hard to pick someone. And then what? Do I have a fund- raiser and donate the cash to a charity? Do I host some kinda meetup where we build a house for someone?

Ugh, all that thinking made me tired. If you have a blog, won’t you join me to brainstorm how we can unleash the power of our blogs to help people!

Now I have to go. Its poker o’clock! Bye for now platipusses!

Sick Day


Yep I took a sick day yesterday. Its the crazy weird flu going around - fh had it for two days, I escaped with just one day.

I had a creepy dream where we were all digging in the garden for mushrooms when we got some kind of spore on our hands. It made us grow mouths on the backs of our hands that bit everything that got too near them. Plus they were contagious.

Today was a much better day - no more sickness, but the house was a mess fit for Wilbur and Templeton.

Thank you to all who have suggested reading for Birdy! Some great ideas and we will be going to the bookstore tomorrow. One thing we found is that some American authors are not as readily available here. It stands to reason that Europe would prefer Roald Dahl to Laura Ingalls Wilder.

My first novel was Little Women. I was in third grade, went to the school library and chose the thickest book I could find. I read every page, even though I had to keep it an extra week to finish. I was so proud of myself!

OK I am just writing lame stuff so Ill sign off.

Oh, one more thing: your computer screen is dirty - get it cleaned!

How to Break Your Daughter’s Heart


Some PigBirdy and I have been reading Charlotte’s Web together for the last week or so, one or two chapters before bed every night. Despite all the foreshadowing that little spider and humble pig could muster, she never saw it coming, that final last gasp of Charlotte, the great writer and friend after laying her 514 eggs in the state fair stall.

I looked over at Bird between sentences to find her mouth clenched in a tight little frown, fat tears rolling down her red little cheeks. When she caught my glance she sobbed. Of course this made me lose it too and I had to complete the longest death scene in children’s literature in between choking back the full on crying torrent and cuddling my poor grieving child.

We finished the book and are ready for the next one. Suggestions welcome!


In other news, I want to point you to my dad’s new blog, In the Day.  Judging from his first story, this blog is going to be something special. Leave him a comment and tell him to keep writing.

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